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ecoEnergy for Personal Vehicles (S010) - 2 lessons
With the rise in fuel prices, drivers are becoming more conscious of the fuel their vehicles are consuming. Regular vehicle maintenance is a critical factor for reducing fuel consumption but before advisors can sell services it is critical that they understand fuel consumption and the various vehicle systems and behaviours that impact it.
Marketing your Business for Success (S040) - 1 lesson
This course has been developed so that organizations regardless of size can plan, develop and implement a successful marketing campaign to win targeted customers. Every retail company is unique and each one competes in today’s global marketplace with others who are similar. What all businesses have in common is this; they wish to understand what their customers really want and provide it better than anyone else. Learning who your customers are and how to align your organization’s ideals, products and services with those wants is what great marketing is all about. Marketing is not a department. It’s a company-wide mindset that includes; • Price • Product • Placement • Promotion • Passion • People
Maximizing Your Tire Sales (S031) - 1 lesson
People buy tires for a variety of seasons and applications and the shop they choose to purchase those tires from has to have certain characteristics to win their loyalty. To maximize your tire sales you need to understand the features and benefits of your products and how they relate to the needs of your customers.
Merchandising To Increase Sales (S002) - 1 lesson
How do you estimate Market potential? Merchandising is the sum of the means that are put into place to facilitate the movement of product/services to the customer and increase productivity. The average consumer spends $800.00 to a $1,000.00 per year for repairs on his/her vehicle (including parts and labor). This course gives you the process and tools to better merchandise your business and understand how to get customers to buy more.
Prioritizing Maintenance & Repairs (S020) - 1 lesson
With vehicle ownership costs continually rising, vehicle owners are looking to find ways to reduce their operating expenses. Customer attitudes towards their vehicle maintenance may slowly become reactive rather than proactive. Properly planning and prioritizing vehicle maintenance is crucial in helping customers.
Product Benefit Selling (S035) - 1 lesson
As a Service Desk Professional, your role is to determine what the customer really needs and pair those needs with the right product or service each and every time. This course builds on sales process essentials by applying benefit-selling techniques to the sale of brake services, fluid services and tires. Understanding the benefits of the products and services you sell is crucial for ensuring that your customers get what they need when they need it. A Service Team that can apply product knowledge to the sales process will increase the sales of the business while exceeding customer expectations.
Selling Skills (S030) - 1 lesson
Selling performance is mostly dependent on having the right process and positive expectations in regards to making the sale. This course will primarily deal with the selling process itself and talk briefly on having positive expectations.
The Write Up Process (S038) - 1 lesson
As a Service Professional it’s your job to ensure that each step in the write-up process exceeds your customer’s expectations and delivers a service experience that keeps your facility top of mind. This course will help to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward during each step of the write-up process.
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